Usapang Lalake Tips On How To Get Your Phone Safe From Your GF or BF

It's natural for the guys to hide somethings from his phone. They keep secrets and they don't want to let her Girlfriend knows about it especially who texting him or calling him in his phone. Sometimes they rename or save the names into different name obviously not a girl's name for example if the name of the girl is Marian, he change it to Mario or save it as "Best' for safe. Their girlfriends usually asking if who's texting or calling to her boyfriend and of course his boyfriend replied it's his friend or bestfriend. They lied the truth that the person who texted or called him is his other woman or girlfriend. Guys keep everything as a secret from his girlfriend. 

Not only guys can do this kind of situation. Sometimes girls can also do this things. Most of them are easy to capture by their boyfriends because they are so nervous when in terms of keeping secrets in their phones. 

Here's the example of the situation form Usapang Lalake