Watch Yanggaw Movie (2008) Online Free Trailer

Watch Yanggaw Movie (2008) Online Free Trailer: This movie is showing last year but for fun, I just want to share about this movie called "Yanggaw". You know what is Yanggaw? Well, Yanggaw is about the person or about the philippine creature called aswang. I mean this movie is about the person is being yanggaw or who experienced about aswang (philippine creature or monster) or something changes in his or her body, in physical, health condition or something what happen to him or her. Something he will turn into an aswang or a monster. We see that how he or she turn into a monster or aswang. As we all known that philippines have many folklore about this thing called aswang. So, this movie is good for people to know how this aswang or monster evolved in the philippines.

By the way, this movie is an ilonnggo scripted. If you are an ilonggo (tinikal na kmo kay aton ini hehe). We're so proud of this movie because the story behind this Yanggaw is just our Philippine culture. You know what I mean. If you're an ilonggo, you better watch this and smile because you know how an ilonggo talking (ilonggo taton ya hehe). So, Watch Yanggaw Movie (2008) Online Free Trailer. Enjoy!


Yanggaw Full Movie said...

This movie is pretty good... Aton ni ya :)